Thoughts on Design Styles

Posted on April 2, 2013 Under Uncategorized

For a while now (really only a couple years), I have been attempting to design with a minimalistic style but have been frustrated when my designs don’t look absolutely stunning like the examples I see. Part of this is due to the fact that I am a design student, thus I have only been designing for a couple years, meaning I don’t really have much experience. When asked what my design style for a particular project was, I was clueless. I haven’t really defined a personal design style yet.


As I thought about what my personal design sensibility might be, I thought to what I was attempting to do in two different personal projects. Each project displayed a minimalistic, very white layout. I am not happy with either project as it stands (which, as I’m learning, is a good thing. There’s always more that can be done!) and wondered why. I struggled with different layouts, looked up similar projects online, and sought critique and inspiration. Nothing resonated with me, except that I did not like what I was doing.

The closer the deadlines, the more frustrated I became. I wasn’t seeing any progress at all and did not feel that my design work was improving. My designs were boring, uninspiring, and predictable. Repetitive. Nothing I really was excited to show anyone.


The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if all this time I have been designing with the wrong sensibility. I wondered if my personal sensibility is not flat, white minimalism but rather spacious, open, relaxed, and tactile. Perhaps my frustration stems from the fact that minimalism doesn’t define me. The reason I don’t like how I have been branding myself is because I have not stayed true to who I am, but rather have tried to force myself to be someone else and to live under a different design sensibility than what represents me.

It makes sense. Now that I have given myself permission to abandon the minimalistic designs that don’t represent me, creative doors have been opened. Instead of limiting myself to minimalism and a white color palette, I can explore depth and space. FREEDOM.

Now what?

Now I need to figure out what my design sensibility really is…and I know that it will be a process. My hope is that when the deadlines for these particular projects arrive, I will be closer to my personal design style. Each personal design should, in theory, improve and become more representative of me.