Design Tips

I recently read a great article by Brian Hoff entitled “16 tips to improve as a graphic designer.” Granted, the article is old (it was posted back in 2008 on The Design Cubicle), but still has good advice for designers. Brian is a graphic designer in New York, working primarily in the realm of interactive web design. Below is a summarized version of Brian’s post.

  1. Collect stuff for your inspiration file.
  2. Buy real books on various subjects.
  3. Read other design blogs.
  4. Start a design blog.
  5. Actively take part in a design community.
  6. Take photos of everything.
  7. Work on fake projects.
  8. Redo someone else’s project.
  9. Redo one of your old projects.
  10. Attend lectures.
  11. Network.
  12. Take classes and keep learning.
  13. Interview other designers and tour other studios.
  14. Travel.
  15. Learn something new.
  16. Work in a physical sketchbook.

As an emerging designer, I appreciate advice and do my best to improve myself. There is a lot of advice packed into these 16 statements, but that motivates me to keep improving and growing. And now I can check one off from the list: welcome to my design blog.