I'm Danelle, a freelance graphic designer in Anoka, Minnesota.

What I do

User Experience

Making what you do accessible for users is my passion, whether in the form of a brochure, business card, or website. User experience encompasses both usability and visual (or tactile, as the case may be) experience with your product and everything that I do keeps your users in mind.


In the digital world, solid information architecture is the blueprint to better user experience. I focus organizing your content in the best way so users spend less time searching for information and more time acting.

User experience is just as important in print as it is in the digital world. I help organize your printed information in a way that makes sense and is easy to navigate.


User experience extends into what you do to maintain your site, and WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system and my CMS of choice. I can help you create a custom site, find the best way to implement your content and provide what support is needed for maintaining your site.

Recent Work


Conversation with Beth McKeever

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with user experience designer Beth McKeever and chat about design. As a recent graduate, navigating the gap between student and creative professional has been a little tricky and at times discouraging. That…

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A Timely Reminder

Posted on August 20, 2014 Under Uncategorized

Have you ever felt like you are stumbling around a project, looking for the right answer, and it just keeps evading you? I've felt that way over the past few months as I've worked on a logo and website project.…

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Design Tips

I recently read a great article by Brian Hoff entitled “16 tips to improve as a graphic designer.” Granted, the article is old (it was posted back in 2008 on The Design Cubicle), but still has good advice for designers. Brian…

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About Me


I do freelance graphic design work, more specifically with user experience, information architecture, and bridging the gap between you and your audience. Print and web are both familiar territory and I graduated with a graphic design degree from the University of Northwestern - St. Paul. Technical skills include WordPress, HTML, CSS, layout, relief printing, and bookbinding. My non-design passions include music, bird-watching, coffee-consuming and the general outdoors.

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